Polaroid 636 Closeup [Brand New, Boxed]

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It's an instant camera that's fantastic value and super simple to use. The camera has a built-in flash, the exposure time and aperture are automatically set by the camera Its namesake, is the close-up lens, which can be slid in front of the actual lens. The close-up lens allows a shorter distance to the subject.

Features: Flash, auto exposure, manual focus, 

Condition: In good condition overall, all functions working

Cosmetic: 8/10. Great condition overall, a few light scratches. Normal signs of use. 

Film: Polaroid 600 film https://www.makro.co.za/electronics-computers/printers-scanners/speciality-printing-paper/media-speciality-paper/polaroid-color-film-for-600/p/cf34d20e-ae36-4e20-93ee-4598a36cf470